AIDS Alabama’s Advocacy department builds awareness and support for policies and decisions that improve the lives of persons living with HIV.

allianceForHealthyYouthLogoThe Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth is a statewide group of diverse youth and young adults working together to influence policies and programs that support sexual health. We seek to improve sexual health education in Alabama’s schools, campuses, and communities through advocacy efforts. Sign up below to become an Alliance member and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

The Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth is guided by the 3Rs vision:


Youth have rights to accurate and complete sexual health information, confidential reproductive and sexual health services, and a secure stake in the future.


Youth deserve respect. Today, young people are largely perceived as part of the problem. Valuing young people means they are part of the solution.


Society has the responsibility to provide young people with the tools they need to safeguard their sexual health, and young people have the responsibility to protect themselves and their peers.

Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth

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