AIDS Alabama’s Advocacy department builds awareness and support for policies and decisions that improve the lives of persons living with HIV.

Advocacy Page


AIDS Alabama hosts annual consumer education training sessions for HIV-positive persons throughout the state of Alabama.  These training sessions serve as a way for the HIV-positive community to be engaged in advocacy efforts.  By training HIV-positive consumers on how to effectively communicate and educate relevant stakeholders and decision makers on HIV/AIDS issues, we ensure that Alabama’s HIV-positive population maintains a vibrant voice statewide.


AIDS Alabama provides a host of opportunities for interested HIV-positive consumers to communicate to their elected officials and relevant decision makers.  Opportunities include letter writing campaigns, online communication, and face-to-face meetings and events.


AIDS Alabama’s advocacy efforts culminate in providing HIV-positive Alabamians with the opportunity to mobilize and raise their voices as a concerned group.  The agency hosts an annual Media Day event in Montgomery, providing a direct channel for HIV-positive persons to engage their elected officials in discussion about HIV/AIDS issues.